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about zoe jirgens


my life, my interests, my dislikes, my dreams. here i give it all to you. i am an only child and the youngest grandchild. as long as i could remember, i wanted to have my own business. i found it my role to carry on the family last name not through family but also through business. i knew i was destined for greatness in some way, but not sure. this is where i document my progress, my findings, and readings. i have self-taught skills like seo, google ads, amazon ads, branding, everything not because i chose to, but for other reasons you will find below. by no means am i an expert, but ive dipped my toes frequently in these areas.

the timeline, filtered

this is my timeline. my jobs, my life, the challenges i have overcome in my 25 years on planet earth.





welcome to my timeline! here’s where you’ll find snippets from my ride so far. as a kid, i was all giggles and mischief, spoiled rotten and loving every minute, captured perfectly in those early photos. then there’s that blur of a trip to latvia — the details might be fuzzy, but the pictures shout fun and adventure. this isn’t just a collection of dates and places; it’s a sneak peek into the tales.

as i navigated from childhood into my teen years, life tossed in a few curveballs. i started gaining weight as i switched from a charter school to public—a tough transition, but hey, i still managed to make friends along the way. middle school and most of high school rolled by pretty quietly. every summer, though, was my escape to paradise, two whole months back in michigan visiting family. those trips were my heaven. during those years, i faced some tough goodbyes too; i lost about four family members, including my grandmother. back then, in middle school, the concept of death was something i couldn’t fully grasp, not like i understand it now.









as my junior year kicked off, i hit a major milestone: the big 16. that birthday brought my first car, and with that, the need for gas money and a job. luckily, my best friend at the time brought me into her gig at mberry, where we spent shifts packing envelopes with mberry packs, laughing our way through each day. however, life took a sharp turn when we lost a mutual friend to suicide. that period marked a pivotal point in my life, helping me understand more about myself and the challenges those around me faced. i stayed at mberry, continued to push through, and proudly graduated from high school.

i started my college journey at arizona state university in august, bracing myself for the leap from high school to college life. let’s be real—it was tough. my first semester hit me hard; i ended up failing three out of my five classes, leaving me with a cumulative gpa of 1.67. that stumble meant i had to say goodbye to the business school, but i didn’t let that stop me. i found a new path at another college within the university, ready to tackle the challenges ahead with fresh determination.

through the semesters, i found my footing. while my fall semester of sophomore year still had its rough patches, i steadily worked to boost my gpa. through sheer determination and plenty of summer classes, i managed to make my way back into the business school. that's where i began to pursue a degree in computer information sciences. i didn't fully grasp everything it entailed at first, but as i delved deeper, i completely fell in love with the field.

by my junior year, i had settled back into the suburbs of phoenix, commuting to campus for classes. i was juggling two restaurant jobs at the time, including one at a bar known for its fantastic food and drinks—a place i still rave about. then, during the summer, i received tough news: my grandfather was diagnosed with bladder cancer following a late july biopsy. my mom went back home for four months to help take care of him, hoping for a positive turn that sadly never came. by october, his condition had worsened significantly.

amidst the chaos of school, work, and gym commitments, i got the call that he might only have a few days left. i was 20, about to turn 21, and without hesitation, i packed my bags, made the necessary calls, and headed to michigan. when i arrived, he was comfortably settled in hospice—a place i was all too familiar with at a young age. he held on for two more weeks, passing away peacefully just seven days before my 21st birthday. we held his celebration of life and funeral on my birthday. it was a poignant tribute, one that deeply honored his memory. from that point on, family became my cornerstone, the meaning of everything.



i graduated from arizona state university in december of 2020, rounding off my academic journey with a 3.5 gpa and several stints on the dean's list—a testament to the strides I'd made since those rocky early semesters. i started working back in june of that year, but once i had my degree, i could finally dive into full-time work. i returned to mberry, the company i had adored as a teenager.

once i graduated, my life took another unexpected turn when a colleague passed away from covid in january. at just 22, i found myself running a business that i deeply loved, changing lives one berry at a time. in 2021, as the sole full-time employee, i thrived, immersing myself in everything from learning new skills to boosting our business through social media and ads. my time at mberry was transformative, teaching me invaluable lessons and helping me grow under the guidance of the founder, who not only mentored me but also introduced me to every influential book i've read.

recent shifts have been significant, not just in my professional life but personally too, with the loss of my beloved dog of 11 years. he taught me the importance of cherishing quiet moments together, a lesson in appreciating the simple comforts of companionship.

so now, at 25, i'm poised to start a new chapter, seeking my ikigai—my purpose. my aim remains steadfast: to carry on my family name and make a meaningful impact on people's lives. as i venture beyond the familiar, i'm fueled by the desire to grow and redefine what it means to truly make a difference.

facts about me


i was on a box of frosted flakes when i was a youngling


if you haven’t noticed already, i don’t use capital letters. it simply scares the other letters. and it’s much easier to type


my dog is my heart. he has been with me for 9 years (as of 2022) and he has been with me through my ups and downs, my ride or die. he is my bff...well we all know how this story ended


when i want to do something, i put my mind to it. there is no such thing as unrealistic. if i dont have the tools or skills, i can certainly teach myself or find someone who can


i was in the top 28% of joe rogans podcast for 2022. my goal this year is top 10%


i was not named after zoe from sesame street or zoey 101. i was born lightyears before that


i very much wear my heart on my sleeve. the people i meet everyday i become connected with, i care.


i love going to cons! in recent years i attended 3 different cons and was able to meet people i loved. spent lots of $, but worth it


my grandfather was an immigrant from latvia. he married my grandmother and created a multi-million dollar family business. i am so proud to say that is my family.


i am a very open person. i believe others can learn from my experiences and i want others to not have to make the same mistakes.

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