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san diego comic con 2024 notion visual database

san diego comic con 2024 notion visual database

are you ready to make the most of your San Diego Comic-Con adventure? say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to the ultimate SDCC guide! introducing our exclusive Notion database, your all-in-one resource for navigating the biggest pop culture event of the year like a pro.


limit of 500 available


    • exclusive content: gain access to insider information and special features that you won’t find anywhere else. this information comes from a 2023 first timer who overpacks and over prepares.

    • top vendors: discover the must-visit vendors, from rare collectibles to unique merchandise, ensuring you don’t miss out on the best deals.

    • food guide: fuel your fandom with our curated list of top food spots, perfect for keeping your energy up throughout the event.

    • top tips: benefit from expert advice and tips that will make your SDCC experience seamless and unforgettable.

    the email used to purchase is where the notion link will be sending. items will be added up until the day before SDCC. pro-tip: create a note in your phone of all the booths you want to visit and transfer to the map they release a couple weeks before. not everything will be on this list


    most important: if there are x amount of things, only purchase one for yourself. buying up all stock is honestly a really crappy move for everyone else. thanks!

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